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Color Paste

Color paste is a kind of water-based environmental protection color paste, pigment, additives and water are added into the disperser to grind and disperse. Color is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, rose red, pink and so on. It has excellent coloring power, dispersibility, compatibility, light resistance, weather resistance and stability.

Product Description

Color Paste

Color paste, as the name suggests, is a kind of concentrated pigment paste, which is developed by using different pigments, through the technology of surface treatment and surface wrapping of pigments, and through strict processing technology. According to the different solvents used in the color paste, the color paste can be divided into water-based color paste, oil-based color paste, water-oil universal color paste, etc.; according to the different uses of color paste, it can be divided into paint color paste, tape color paste, paper color paste, textile color paste, machinery color paste, toy color paste, latex product color paste, etc.; according to the different tools used for color paste, people simply divide the color paste for factory use and machine use Color paste and so on. In nature, the color paste cooperatively decorates the whole world, from clothes, daily necessities, toys, etc., to bridges, houses and buildings, all of which show colorful colors.


Water based color paste is used for coloring, and its application fields are very broad, including coating, leather, printing, papermaking, latex, textile and other industries, and the main service object is coating industry. 

Product Packing

20KG/Iron barrel or 30kg/Iron barrel .


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Color Paste

Technical data

Delivery formLiquid
CAS No./EC No.-

Solid content%18-36
pH value
Tinting strength(compared with standard)%95~105
Colour difference ∆E(compared with standard)
Sales packingIn 20kg barrel or 30kg/barrel
Transport & storageProtect against weathering/store in a dry place
SafetyThe product is not classified as hazardous under EC 1907/2006 & EC 1272/2008