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Iron Oxide Blue

What is Blue Iron Oxide

Blue iron oxide, also known as iron oxide blue, is mainly composed of magnetite, which makes it highly magnetic. Its crystal belongs to isometric crystal system oxide mineral. The appearance is mostly dark blue or light blue powder, with bright color and high coloring power. Construction grade can be used for coloring paving stones, colored concrete blocks, split bricks, interlocking bricks, colored rigid bricks, roof tiles, rubber bezels, slurries, colored asphalt, permeable asphalt concrete, sports tracks, wood plastic flooring WPC... 

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Factors affecting the quality of blue iron oxide

The particle size determines the quality of iron oxide blue and also its stability.

Its color depends mainly on the presence of colored ions. The mixing of colors needs to be operated proportionally, and there are certain intrinsic connections between the pigments.

In the color mixing of blue iron oxide pigments, the principle of pigment mixing should be understood. The more types of mixed pigments used, the lower their brightness and purity, and the color tends to be dark gray.

What are the advantages of blue iron oxide pigments

High coloring power. The stronger the coloring power, the brighter the color.

High light resistance. It is generally believed that the more alkali metals in iron oxide blue pigment, the stronger its light resistance. However, when mixed with white pigments such as titanium dioxide, the light resistance will decrease.

Wide range of uses. In high temperature environment, less moisture, the color will be more vivid. In low temperature environment, more moisture, the color will be darker.

The hue of this pigment ranges from dark blue to bright blue, which is somewhat related to its composition. The more alkali metal content in blue iron oxide, the more FE(CN)6 atomic groups, and the less water it contains, the brighter its color will be. In addition to the chemical composition, the hue, coloring power, dispersibility and oil absorption of iron blue are closely related to its particle size.

Recommended Use

Used for coloring paints, inks, drawing, pigments and crayons, lacquered cloth, lacquered paper, coloring plastic products, coloring building floors, floor tiles and so on.

Used for coloring building materials such as mosaic tiles, concrete tiles, pavements, color tiles,

roof tiles and artificial marble.

Color of ceramic body.

Used in paper industry, esp. Rice paper.

Used for surface coloring of plastic epoxy flooring, asphalt color.

Used as a more fade-resistant dye for plastics.


The main component of iron oxide blue consists of magnetite, whose chemical composition is Fe3O4.XH2O, an oxide mineral with crystals arranged equiaxially. Dark blue or light blue powder, bright color, strong coloring power, slightly covering power. Powder is very hard. Quality standard: moisture 15-30% oil absorption 95-105% ≤ 1.0%, sieved (200 mesh sieve) ≤ 1.0%, water solubility 1.0%. Iron oxide blue inorganic pigment has high disintegration, good light resistance, poor alkali resistance, high heat resistance, the temperature exceeds 150 degrees, the crystalline water begins to decompose.