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Iron Oxide Green

Iron Oxide Green, also known as Ferric Green or Green Iron Oxide, is a synthetic inorganic pigment that is commonly used in various applications. It is a greenish shade of iron oxide, which is a family of chemical compounds made up of iron and oxygen. Iron Oxide Green is primarily composed of iron(III) oxide and has a green color due to its unique chemical structure.

This pigment is often used in:

Paints and coatings: Iron Oxide Green is added to paint formulations to provide a green color. It is used in a variety of applications, including architectural paints, automotive coatings, and industrial paints.

Construction materials: It is used in the coloring of concrete, plaster, and various construction materials to add a green hue to them.

Plastics: Iron Oxide Green can be used in the production of plastic products, such as PVC, to impart a green color.

Pigment and ink production: It is used as a coloring agent in the production of pigments and inks, including artists' paints and printing inks.

Ceramics: Iron Oxide Green is used in ceramics and pottery for glaze and body coloring.

Art and crafts: Artists and craft enthusiasts often use Iron Oxide Green as a pigment in their artwork and crafts.

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