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Iron Oxide Brown

Iron Oxide Brown, also known as Ferric Brown or Brown Iron Oxide, is a synthetic inorganic pigment with a brown color. Like other iron oxide pigments, it is composed of iron and oxygen, specifically iron(III) oxide, which gives it its brown hue. This pigment is commonly used in various industries for coloring and various applications.

Some common uses of Iron Oxide Brown include

Paints and coatings: It is added to paint formulations to achieve a brown color. This can be seen in a range of applications, such as house paints, industrial coatings, and artistic paints.

Construction materials: Iron Oxide Brown is used to color concrete, mortar, and other construction materials, giving them a brown tint. This is especially useful in architectural and decorative concrete applications.

Plastics: In the plastics industry, Iron Oxide Brown can be employed to provide a brown color in products like PVC, plastic packaging, and various plastic items.

Ceramics and pottery: It is used in the coloring of ceramics, pottery, and glazes, helping achieve earthy and brown tones in ceramic products.

Inks and pigments: It is utilized as a coloring agent in the production of inks and pigments for various applications, including printing inks, artists' paints, and coloring agents for a wide range of materials.