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Iron Oxide Blue

Dark Blue or light blue powder, bright color, strong coloring, hiding power slightly worse. Farinaceous harder. The iron oxide blue has high coloring power, good light resistance, poor alkali resistance and high heat resistance.

Product Description

Product Application

USES: Paint, ink, painting, pigments and Crayons, painted cloth, lacquer paper, plastic products coloring, construction ground, floor tiles and other coloring.

Iron Oxide Blue

Product Packing

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/20FCL (Iron Oxide Red);

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 12-14MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide Yellow);

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide Black)

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide green)

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide blue)

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide Brown)

25 kg/ craft paper bag, 25MT/ 20’FCL (Iron Oxide orange)


1. Accept the inspection of SGS, CCIC and the other international inspection department.

2. Free samples will sent to you.

3. 14 years experience.

4. Professional skills

SHENMING ferric oxide inorganic color pigments, iron oxide red pigment marketed under the product brands "SHENMING" are available in Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Brown, Orange, Blue.

"SHENMING" brand synthetic powder pigment iron oxide blue enjoys high market reputation and the products are sold well throughout the country.

CCIC, CIQ, BV, SGS inspections is acceptable, as well as free sample service.

In recent years, the export share to Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Asia, South America, Africa, Russia and South Korea is growing and the product quality and reputation received consistent high praise.

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Technical Data

Trade NameIron Oxide Blue
Delivery formPowder
Colour indexCombination of Pigment blue 15:3 and other
CAS No./EC No.-

Oil absorptionml/100g25~35
Res. On 325 mesh%≤0.5
Water soluble salts%≤0.5
pH value
Specific gravityg/cm34.8
Tinting strength(compared with standard)%95~105
Colour difference ∆E(compared with standard)
Sales packingIn 25kg bag
Transport & storageProtect against weathering/store in a dry place
SafetyThe product is not classified as hazardous under EC 1907/2006 & EC 1272/2008