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Iron Oxide Green 835

It is a compound pigment made of iron oxide yellow and organic powder pigment coupled with many kinds of additives, and its color is bright green to dark green.

Product Description

What is iron oxide green

It is a compound pigment made of iron oxide yellow and organic powder pigment coupled with many kinds of additives, and its color is bright green to dark green.

The main characteristics of iron oxide green

Stable chemical properties, metallic luster, magnetic, strong covering power, high temperature resistance, resistance to sunlight, soluble in water, insoluble in acid, stable in the atmosphere, no effect on the general concentration of acid and alkali and sulfur dioxide gas. Excellent pigment quality and fastness.

Advantages of iron oxide green pigment

1、Iron oxide green pigment is chemically stable, with strong absorption of ultraviolet rays, light resistance, weather resistance.

2、The product has good dispersion, stable storage, good compatibility with other components in the application system, and can enhance the rustproof and UV-resistant performance of the paint.

3、The color of the product is bright, high coloring rate, and the powder is natural and fine.

4, the company independent research and development, production, fine finished products, multiple equipment testing to ensure product quality.

The main use of iron oxide green pigment

1. In building materials

Mainly used in color cement, color cement tile, color cement brick, imitation glaze brick, concrete tile, color mortar, color asphalt, terrazzo, mosaic tile, artificial marble and wall painting coloring; all kinds of indoor and outdoor colorful concrete surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings, columns, porches, roads, car parks, staircases, stations, etc.; all kinds of architectural ceramics and glazed ceramics, such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble, etc. 2. in paint materials in the paint and coating industry.


Used in the manufacture of various paints, coatings and inks. Applicable to a variety of paint coloring and protective materials, including water-based interior and exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, etc.; also applicable to oil-based paint, including epoxy, It is also suitable for oil-based paint, including epoxy, alkyd, amino primer and top coat; it is also used in toy paint, ornament paint, furniture paint, electrophoretic paint and enamel.

3、Iron oxide pigment is suitable for

The coloring of thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic plastic and other plastic products, as well as the coloring of rubber products such as automobile inner tube, airplane inner tube, bicycle inner tube and so on.

4. Colorants for other industries

Colorants for other industries, such as dyestuffs, paints, cement products, lacquers and so on.

Iron Oxide Green 835


Delivery formPowder
Colour indexCombination of Pigment yellow 42 and blue 15:3
CAS No./EC No.-

Oil absorptionml/100g25~35
Res. On 325 mesh%≤0.5
Water soluble salts%≤0.5
pH value
Specific gravityg/cm34.8
Tinting strength(compared with standard)%95~105
Colour difference ∆E(compared with standard)
Sales packingIn 25kg bag
Transport & storageProtect against weathering/store in a dry place
SafetyThe product is not classified as hazardous under EC 1907/2006 & EC 1272/2008