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Iron Oxide Pigment

Iron oxide pigments produce vibrant, secondary colors in concrete and other cementitious materials. Iron oxide pigments are lightfast, insoluble, and alkali resistant (which means that iron oxide pigments do not deteriorate over time and can be easily seen in concrete). Due to their small size, ten times smaller than cement particles, iron oxide pigments are dispersed in the mixture, embedded in the cement matrix and present a uniform color.

Iron oxide pigments do not affect the strength or ease of concrete when used in standard dosages. They offer many benefits to concrete contractors, architects, ready-mix concrete producers and manufacturers of precast concrete products. Iron oxide pigments can dramatically increase the value of concrete. By adding color, concrete becomes more attractive and provides color-related properties such as solar reflectivity.

After titanium dioxide and carbon black, iron oxide is the most widely used pigment in the world. Its wide range of colors (red, yellow, black, orange) and excellent performance/cost ratio make it suitable for many different applications. Our wide range of iron oxide and inorganic pigments are used in a variety of unique applications

Chengyu Pigment uses only the finest synthetic iron oxides to blend dry, liquid and granular pigments for concrete and mortar colors.

Iron Oxide Red

Red oxide pigments are the most common pigments and they also have the highest iron content. Due to their pure hue, consistent properties and coloring power, red oxides are widely popular in various fields.

Iron Oxide Red Uses:

Iron oxide red is mainly used in paints and coatings, rubber, paper, cement pigments and construction. The building materials industry consumes iron oxide pigments the most. This is because these pigments have good dispersibility and coloring power. They are used to color concrete, mortar, paving blocks, square tiles etc.

Yellow Iron Oxide

Iron oxide yellow has a very fine particle size (but not as fine as black or red oxides). The actual product has a Fe 2 O 3 content of about 85% and a LOI of about 12% with some impurities. These oxides are used where the original color or original properties are critical to the manufacturing process.

Uses of Yellow Oxides:

Synthetic iron oxide yellow powders are widely used in paints, enamels, concrete stains, plastics, rubber, and paper (where a permanent yellow color is desired).

Iron Oxide Supplier

Chengyu Pigment is widely regarded as a China based Iron Oxide Manufacturer, known for our strong commitment to quality and reliability. Being a renowned supplier of Synthetic Iron Oxide in China, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet diverse industrial requirements.