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Iron Oxide Green

Aug. 26, 2019

Product Name: Iron oxide Green

1. Product outline: Ferric oxide green is a composite pigment composed of iron oxide yellow, phthalocyanine green and phthalocyanine blue, which are coupled by various additives. It has the characteristics of bright color and strong dyeing power.

2. Model: 5605/835 /037.

3. Appearance: Green powder, non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, no corrosive.

4. Usage: It is widely used in wear-resistant floor, epoxy floor, cement, concrete, building materials, paper and other fields.

5. Storage and transportation conditions: Store in a dry place, avoid dampness, avoid high temperature, and isolate from acid and alkali. According to the above storage conditions, the effective storage period of unpackaged products is three years.

6. Packaging: 25kg/bag, outer woven, inner plastic or kraft paper bag.

Instructions for use: General customer consumption is 2% - 4% of cement.

Iron Oxide Green